High School Theatre Program:


The Oakstone Players are in their sixth year of performing as a theatre troupe.  Their year consists of two plays each fall, one full-length and a one act play, and a full-length play each spring.   The Troupe performs a variety of styles such as slap-stick comedy, satire, and heavy dramas.  Any student in the 8th-12th grade is eligible to audition for any production as an actor or a member of the Tech Crew.  The Oakstone Players are members of The Educational Theatre Association and charted members of International Thespian Society Troupe #7799.   Each May, eligible students are inducted into the International Thespian Society which offers exclusive scholarships for its members.   Students earning the rank of Honor Thespian wear a blue and gold Thespian Honor Cord with their graduation robes at commencement.  The Oakstone Players are the largest extracurricular in the high school with over 40 active members.  Other than the directors, the troupe is completely student driven.


HS Theatre Courses:


In and out of the classroom students are exposed to various acting techniques such as Method Acting and The Meisner Technique to further enhance their performance abilities.  Students who have a particular interest in theatre are able to take a variety of theatre courses ranging from Theatre Production to Acting classes to Directing Internships.  In their course work students find enrichment through reading and performing a variety of plays, building sets, conducting improv exercises, and examining classic and modern playwrights.


Middle School Theatre Program:


The Oakstone Jr. Players are in their second year of performing.  Each winter, students in grades 5-7 have the opportunity to audition for their annual spring play.  The program provides students with a creative outlet for artistic expression.   Theatre is also the largest extracurricular activity in the Middle School.  Middle School Theatre is also directed by a hand-selected group of our high school juniors and seniors.  The Oakstone Jr. Players put on their show for two nights each spring.  This experience is a stepping stone for students to see if they are interested in theatrical arts, and to prepare them for theatre at the high school level.