Study Skills / Academics

Learning how to motivate yourself, being organized, and knowing how to learn and study based on your personality are all key elements to being successful in school.  Please feel free to use the guides and links below to help you in your educational journey.


Khan Academy

Find over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced excercises and assessments covering a wide variety of topics, including algegra, biology, chemistry, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, trigonometry, arithmetic, physics, finance, economics, history and more!  This site has been recommended by Watterson staff for supplemental help with understanding a variety of topics.


Cook Counseling Center

Time management strategies, strategies for improving test performance, increase reading comprehension, improve concentration and memory, time management help, note taking tips, help writing papers, etc.


Sites to Promote Academic Success

Learning styles inventories – find out what your style of learning is and use those strategies to help you study


High School Ace

Study Guides for all subjects, study skills tips


Web Math
Math help – Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calculus and more!


Flashcard Machine

Create flash cards and share them online – free, but registration is required


Study Guides and Strategies

Check out study guides, test taking tips, classroom tips, etc. in any of 26 different languages


Study Stack

Study tools, including flashcards, crossword puzzles, word games, etc. Subjects include Geography, History, Business, Math, Science, English and Foreign Languages.


Study Spanish

Provides review and generates quizzes to practice


Spark Notes

Has study guides for many subjects, including math and science


Study Strategies

Study tips/strategies



Has vocabulary for many subjects


Survival Strategies for Taking Tests

Test taking tips


How Things Work

Help with Science information


How To Study

Help with study skills, note taking, vocabulary, time management, spelling, test taking, writing, math, test anxiety, etc.


Purple Math

Help with Algebra – free online tutoring & lessons, quizzes & worksheets, study skills


Columbus Metropolitan Library


Reference Information

Includes a dictionary, encyclopedia and thesaurus



Help with English – grammar, usage, etc.



Multilingual dictionary (Foreign Language), reverse dictionary, help with English


Encyclopedia Britannica



Find resources, articles, journals, etc. **Need username & password – can access one by
contacting your local school library media center


English: help with writing a paper, bibliography, citations,


Mind Tools

Links to more resources


Learn More Indiana

Tips on time management, taking tests, taking notes, etc.


Improving Test Scores


Excel Easy

An online Excel tutorial