Team sports are a wonderful tool for teaching life lessons that go beyond the actual game.  Teamwork, cooperation, building friendships, handling disappointment appropriately and belonging to a group of peers working towards a common goal are a few of the benefits of team sports.  Through organizational team sports and clubs, our students have the opportunity to practice character concepts such as respect, honesty, responsibility and kindness with their teammates, as well as the members of the teams they play.  Along with demonstrating these character concepts, our students learn cooperation and tolerance while developing confidence and a competitiveness that can be used in many positive ways!


At Oakstone Academy, we understand the importance music brings to the program. Our teachers offer musical experiences daily through circle time activities that encourage singing, creative movement, and exploring simple musical instruments. A degreed music professional works with each classroom bi-weekly to help students explore music in their world and engage them in creative movement.

Visual Arts

The goal of the Arts program at Oakstone Academy is to engage students in a variety of methods in expressing themselves and their thoughts in a visual manner. The younger ages begin with learning about color theory, different lines and shapes and how they work together. They are introduced to several Authors and Illustrators such as Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, David Catrow and many more. We then integrate learning about art movements and specific artists into the curriculum. The students learn about the beauty of Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers, the movement of Van Gogh’s brush strokes, and the colorful printmaking layers of Andy Warhol. They will get to use several different materials and processing beyond the normal paints and crayons. We will use fabric, yarn, stamps, clay, photos, etc. The goal is to get students familiar with thinking ‘outside the box’ and capable of choosing what materials they need to get their creative ideas out into the world in an effective manner.




The Oakstone Players are in their sixth year of performing as a theatre troupe. Their year consists of two plays each fall, one full-length and a one act play, and a full-length play each spring. The Troupe performs a variety of styles such as slap-stick comedy, satire, and heavy dramas.  Any student in the 8th-12th grade is eligible to audition for any production as an actor or a member of the Tech Crew. The Oakstone Players are members of The Educational Theatre Association and charted members of International Thespian Society Troupe #7799. Each May, eligible students are inducted into the International Thespian Society which offers exclusive scholarships for its members. Students earning the rank of Honor Thespian wear a blue and gold Thespian Honor Cord with their graduation robes at commencement. The Oakstone Players are the largest extracurricular in the high school with over 40 active members.  Other than the directors, the troupe is completely student driven.