Occupational Therapy


Our classroom occupational therapists provide:


  • services according to their stated needs on the IEP in their natural environment (we often work right in the classroom with the students)

  • complete ETRs as part of the educational team

  • collaborate with teachers on writing and reaching IEP goals

  • work closely with teachers to adapt materials and the classroom environment for optimal learning

  • offer handwriting screenings beginning, middle and end of the year to ensure proper progression of skill

  • provide whole classroom activities for emotional regulation / self-regulation

  • help students access technology and software to increase success in the classroom via iPads and NEO laptops

  • evaluate seating and posture of students for increased success with attention and fine motor activities

  • deliver keyboarding instruction and intervention

  • classroom activities to increase independence in daily living skills


Our private occupational therapists provide:


  • therapy addressing goals developed from the evaluation and  tailored to suit the student’s individual needs-these may reflect areas of need outside of the school environment

  • see students individually or in small groups depending on their needs

  • co-treat with speech therapy

  • provide cooking groups that focus on fine motor skills, social skills, manners, and trying new foods using fun and nonthreatening approach

  • occupational therapists are able to address fine motor, sensory motor, visual-motor, self-care, vocational, cognitive, and psychosocial skills