Q: How do I know if Oakstone Academy will be right for my child?

A. Choosing a school for your child can be challenging, especially when there are many choices. Just as

children and their needs are different, so are schools in their ability to meet those needs. Oakstone Academy

offers a challenging curriculum in an atmosphere that is more personal than you would find at a public school.

Class sizes are small, which allows students to set their own learning pace.

Q: I have a typically developing child. Why would I want him/her to attend?

A. Aside from small class sizes and at least two teachers (plus an assistant) per class, Oakstone provides

a comprehensive education. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate learning for a wide range of students

and learning styles, from the gifted student to the student who requires more assistance. Gifted students

are able to work at an accelerated pace, without taking them away from their age-appropriate peer group.

Finally, studies have shown that typical students in inclusive settings show an increase in leadership skills,

self-esteem and greater fluency in academic performance. (Peck, Carlson, Helmstetter, 1992)

Q: What about transportation to/from school?

A. Oakstone Academy does not provide transportation for students.