In the fall of 1999, three families with children with ASD, Rebecca Morrison, PhD., and Nikki Kerns, M.S. established a non-profit corporation called The Children’s Center for Developmental Enrichment (CCDE).  CCDE was formed to bring hope and action together for children with ASD. CCDE’s mission was to develop an empirically-based education model for the inclusion of children with ASD (U.S. Department of Education Grant # H324M030199) and their typically developing peers; support families as they navigated education and treatment pathways; and increase community awareness and acceptance of individuals with ASD. 


In the fall of 2000 in donated space in an area church, CCDE formally opened their doors to 34 children. CCDE purchased its first facility in 2002 on Oakstone Drive providing a more appropriate name for the school portion of the organization. Currently, CCDE dba Oakstone Academy serves over 500 students from preschool through high school. CCDE also owns five facilities including a full size gymnasium and natatorium.  As of 2015, Oakstone Academy graduated five senior classes with college scholarship offers collectively topping three million dollars. Oakstone Academy students have been accepted to universities all over the country. 


Although the educational services are the largest component of our organization, CCDE also provides many critical services to central Ohio. These services have expanded to include: early diagnostic evaluation, psychology, behavioral, and social skill programs; speech and occupational therapy; therapeutic massage and cranial sacral therapy; transition and vocational education; continued research in the areas of the education and treatment of children with ASD. In addition, CCDE helped launch a non-profit medical center in 2011, The Oakstone Health Center, and continues to serve as a sole board member.