From the Executive Director


To our Parents and Students:


Since our inception in 2000, Oakstone Academy has grown into a dynamic private school dedicated to providing an excellent education for all children.  Thanks to our talented and creative staff and small class sizes, we are able to provide the kind of education that fosters the strengths of each child.


High expectations for all students are the core of our curriculum.  We believe that given the right circumstances, students will excel in areas that may have challenged them in the past.  For accelerated students, we offer the opportunity to reach beyond grade level.  Oakstone Academy also partners with The Central Ohio Technical College to provide students the opportunity to earn college credit while attending high school.


Our students can also choose from a variety of sports, fine art, graphic design, music, theater, and other extracurricular activities.  At the middle and high school levels students can also participate in travel to Europe, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, PA, New York City, Chicago, IL, and Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.


For parents and students looking for an alternative to overcrowded classrooms and limited possibilities,

Oakstone Academy is the place to be.


Best Wishes


Nikki Kerns, MS


Co-Founder & Executive Director