Visual Arts


The High School Arts Program offers a variety of unique classes that are tailored to meet students’ specific interests. We offer 3D classes where we use plaster, paper mache, recycled items, and clay. We offer illustration classes which incorporate relief printmaking, pen & ink, collage, graphite transfers and gridding methods. This year we also started a very exciting class called Digital Mixed Media. This class involves taking photos and digitally altering/editing them in Photoshop, printing them off and using several different fine arts processes to enhance them.  One exciting process is transferring photos onto materials such as wood or cloth. The students will even get to do large scale paintings of their photos projected onto large surfaces such as old doors or canvas. We love the fact that every student will be able to take their project in their own direction and add their own flair to better express themselves.


Digital Photography classes 1 and 2 are an integral part of student’s experience at Oakstone as it is integrated into other courses and extracurriculars, including Yearbook, Graphic Design, and Mixed Media. Photography classes provide students with the necessary tools to produce interesting compositions and professional imagery.

Video Production class gives students the opportunity to film and edit footage with professional grade equipment and editing software.