Counselor's Corner


As guided by the ASCA National Model, Oakstone Academy is committed to all students by enhancing the overall school climate through the facilitation of a character-driven, collaborative environment in which effective learning can take place. Oakstone Academy is dedicated to empowering all students to reach their fullest potential by providing a comprehensive school counseling program to facilitate their academic, career, personal, and social development.



Collaborate with teachers, the student, and parents on supporting academic success.

Review educational progress and goals with students.

Provide individual conferences to develop and support academic goals.

Assist with academic issues through response to intervention strategies, parent/teacher meetings, and monitoring student to change the image.



Maintain a climate of mutual respect for all.

Assist students in coping with social emotional issues.

Provide access and support to students for all in-school and extra-curricular activities.

Provide families with community resources and referrals, as needed.



Provide information and assistance for all post-secondary education options.

Develop a college transition program.

Assist in an understanding of the student's abilities and interests.

Review career goals with students.