Ohio's College Credit Plus Program

Information for Oakstone Academy Peers (Private School Students)



Remember that Private/Nonpublic students interested in taking college classes through Ohio's College Credit Plus program may apply for funding for tuition to pay for their college classes. Meaning, if you do not apply for state funding, you will not receive funding.


In order to receive state funding as a Private/Nonpublic student, please follow the steps below:




  • In order to apply for state funding, you must first apply and be accepted into a college/university.

  • Apply to the college or colleges of your choice.

    • You may have to take a college placement exam in order to be accepted into some universities.

  • Once admitted to a college under College Credit Plus, the college will send your student an admission letter (usually by email).

  • Upload a copy of the admission letter to your College Credit Plus Funding Application in your SAFE Account (Information about creating a SAFE Account is below in STEP 2). 

  • If your child has previously been accepted into a college (this school year or last school year), please upload their admission letter. If you do not have this letter, contact me, Mr. Kevin Brackman, ASAP, so I can get this from the college/university for you.

  • If your student gets an admission letter from more than one college, upload each college's admission letter.




  • All parents are required to establish a SAFE Account before their student can apply for funding. 

  • You must have an account created, all student information completed, and all acceptance letters uploaded by April 12th, 2019 by 5:00pm!

  • If interested in a Summer CCP Session, many can start as early as May, so don't delay in establishing your SAFE Account.

  • To learn how to set up a SAFE Account, please watch the videos below:

    • How to Create a SAFE Account - CLICK HERE

    • How to Verify your User Identity for your SAFE Account - CLICK HERE

    • How to Set Up Access to the College Credit Plus System on your SAFE Account - CLICK HERE

    • How to Apply for State-Funding through your SAFE Account - CLICK HERE

  • For additional information on CC+ funding and setting up your SAFE Account, please click the USER-MANUAL.




  • You will receive your funding award notification within your College Credit Plus Funding Application located in your SAFE Account before May 17th, 2019.

  • Once you receive your award notification, you can have your child register for college courses.





If your student applies to a college/university after the funding application deadline, they are still able to take college courses through College Credit Plus. Applying to these schools before the deadline only helps your chances in receiving funding from the state.




You and your family can contact colleges for information, application forms, and criteria for acceptance into College Credit Plus. You can locate these programs through the colleges' websites. You must go through the procedures established by the colleges/universities to apply to College Credit Plus and to enroll in the course(s). You may have to take a college placement test to make sure you are college-ready. A map showing all Ohio public colleges can be found HERE. A map showing Ohio private colleges can be found HERE.


Below are some schools Oakstone students have frequently attended for College Credit Plus (Do not feel obligated to apply to any of these schools):


Central Ohio Technical College (COTC)


  • If your child is interested in taking College Credit Plus classes here on Oakstone Academy's high school campus, then you must apply to Central Ohio Technical College (COTC).

  • Note --- Being accepted in COTC does not guarantee your child taking COTC classes here at Oakstone. Students must still take the COMPASS test which will be offered here this spring. This test will determine college course placement.

  • If your student has been previously accepted into COTC, you do not need to apply again.

  • COTC Online Application


Ohio Christian University (OCU'S Trailblazer Academy)

  • To participate, students must meet the following requirements:

    • 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

    • ACT Score of 19 or Higher or SAT equivalent  

  • Complete the online application (no application fee).

  • Submit an official high school transcript to Ohio Christian University Admissions Office

  • Submit ACT/SAT scores.

Otterbein University:


  • To be considered for OCI, Otterbein's College Credit Plus program, students must submit the following information to the Office of Admission:

    • Application for Admission - application fee waived! Available at www.otterbein.edu/apply

    • Official high school transcript (sent directly from the high school/district)

    • ACT, SAT scores. Otterbein's codes for sharing test scores are: ACT 3318; SAT 1597

    • Letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor

  • Otterbein employs a holistic application review process that consider high school performance (GPA course selection, rigor, grade trends), standardized test scores, and activities (leadership, community service, work, athletics).  

  • Some programs have additional criteria such as minimum GPA or test scores, audition, portfolio review etc.  

  • Students will be notified of the admission decision within three to four weeks after the application deadline.

  • Otterbein University Online Application 


Columbus State Community College: