College Admission Information

The College Application Process:


Please CLICK HERE for the step-by-step process of completing a college application.


Senior Year College Timeline - Applications, Scholarships, & Financial Aid:



















Colleges of Interest:


Use the document below to keep track of what is needed as you apply to your colleges of interest:


College Applications Chart


What to Expect:


Getting adjusted to your new role and life as a college student will not be simple, but knowing what to expect beforehand will help make the transition smoother. This document, "Following Your Way, A College Guide For Students on the Spectrum", offers a preview of some of the exciting changes that lie ahead and what you can expect as you begin your college experience.

Admissions Folder:


When you apply to college, the college admission office collects a folder of information to consider as it makes a decision about you. Please click the document below to view all the parts to an admissions folder:


The Parts of an Admission Folder


Early Action & Early Decision Applications - What Are They?


Schools are taking steps to alleviate student stress by instituting early admissions programs. This means that high school students who already know their top college pick can now send in their applications as early as September of their junior year and find out whether they'll be accepted at the school of their choice. Please click the below document for information are these two types of applications:


Early Action vs. Early Decision


College Essays - How To Write and What To Write:


Please click, College Essay Tips, for advice/tips on how to write a college essay.


Letter Of Recommendation:


Give me, Mr. Kevin Brackman, or your teacher at least 10 days to write a recommendation.You must also complete the Senior Student Questionnaire and have a parent/guardian fill out a Brag Sheet when requesting a letter be written on your behalf.