Oakstone Academy Alumni Association

On behalf of Oakstone, we are proud to announce the launch of our Alumni Association. We are hoping to reach as many Oakstone Academy graduates as possible and host events throughout the year to recognize you and your achievements. Our goal is to help alumni connect with each other so your connection to the school remains strong.


Whether you make a monetary donation or donate your time, support of fellow and future alums will help us all and enable Oakstone to continue on as the great educational institution it is today. The Alumni Association offers opportunities for fellowship and allows you to reconnect with classmates. This is your Alumni Association and we are honored to represent you. Take a look at the opportunities listed below and consider how you can be more involved this year.

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Get Involved!

We would love for you to join the committee to help develop our association.

  • Meetings based around your schedule

  • Held to determine bylaws and organization of the association

  • Send an email if you are interested in joining the committee to OAAlumni@ccde.org

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

What are Our Alumni Up To NOW?

"I got in to the program I was hoping to get into (it is REALLY hard to get into). It is called the Master Theatre Program. It requires 2 essays and 3 rounds of interviews! It is very competitive, and selective. I am happy that I got in!"

"Maggie Penner (2018) achieved a 4.0 her first full semester at Cedarville University. She went to college with 35 college credits that they accepted out of the 38 she actually had, so her freshman year is actually her sophomore year! Thank you Oakstone for preparing her so well."

—  Maddy Katz, 2016

     Cincinnati University

—  Chrisi Penner

Check Out What We've Done So far

Spring Musical

Spring Musical 2019 Gabe Schottenstein '15 and Maddy Katz '16

Spring Musical

Spring Musical 2019 Carly Salyer '17, Lauren Bibbs '17, and Gabe Schottenstein '15


Schmidt's 2019

Book Loft

Book Loft 2019

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Movie 2019

Top Golf_8447

Top Golf 2019

Top Golf_8443

Top Golf 2019

Top Golf_8445

Top Golf 2019

Top Golf_8434

Top Golf 2019

Top Golf_8432

Top Golf 2019

D&B Alum Night_6084

Dave and Busters 2019

D&B Alum Night_8351

Dave and Busters 2019

D&B Alum Night_8350

Dave and Busters 2019

D&B Alum Night_8348

Dave and Busters 2019

D&B Alum Night_6092

Dave and Busters 2019

D&B Alum Night_6088

Dave and Busters 2019

D&B Alum Night_6090

Dave and Busters 2019

D&B Alum Night_6089

Dave and Busters 2019

D&B Alum Night_8352

Dave and Busters 2019

Bball Alum Night_6049

Basketball Alumni Night 2019

Bball Alum Night_6050

Basketball Alumni Night 2019


A Midsummer Night's Dream 2018


Volleyball Alumni Night 2018


Volleyball Alumni Night


Music Fest 2018


Music Fest 2018


Music Fest 2018