About Oakstone Academy




Oakstone Academy is a private school (preschool through grade 12) chartered by the State of Ohio that offers an alternative to the run-of-the-mill school experience. Thanks to talented, highly-qualified teachers and small class sizes, Oakstone Academy can meet the needs of a variety of learning styles. In fact, Oakstone is the only school in Ohio (and we believe the nation) that was founded on the principle of providing a truly inclusive environment for children with autism spectrum disorders, allowing them to be full participants in the classroom with peers who do not have disabilities.


In order to meet the needs of all of our students, the educators at Oakstone Academy have developed a program of excellence for average and as well as gifted students. Our inclusive setting has been a rewarding success for all of our students: those on the autism spectrum learn how to socialize and interact with others while students without disabilities learn about compassion and leadership.

At Oakstone Academy, we take the responsibility of educating children seriously. We believe in the value of each child as a unique contributor to our community. Educating a child is so much more than just teaching the basics. It is our honor to serve your children and support them in their journey to reach their full potential as students, sons and daughters, and friends.


Our Philosophy

Full membership in schools and communities is best accomplished by immersing children with ASD, as early as possible, in age-typical environments with their peers. The amount and intensity of the support and intervention needed by children with ASD is embedded within the routine of the typical environment and is best determined by the child’s individual needs. Intervention delivered in "natural" settings provides countless opportunities for children with ASD to participate in normalized experiences as they grow and develop language and social skills. Research confirms that skills learned in the environment where they will be used have a higher probability of being maintained and generalized (Morrison, et. al, 2000). Therefore, intervention embedded within in typical preschool, educational, and community settings is critical for children with ASD.



The Children's Center for Developmental Enrichment (CCDE) is a non-profit 501 C3 organization dedicated to:


  • Providing excellent educational programming for all children while researching the effectiveness of an inclusion model for those with ASD.
  • Supporting and educating families in order to promote a holistic approach to the education of children with ASD.
  • Promoting cost-effective training and support to area school districts and professionals in the community.


These original goals established in 1999 continue to define the services provided by the organization today. Over the years, CCDE has grown into a multi-faceted resource that includes a private school, programs for parents and children, therapies and research.